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Using the GreekTV247 Box

Connect to power and TV

  1. Connect the included power supply to the box and then to your power socket.
  2. Use the included HDMI cable and connect it to any HDMI port of your TV.
  3. Switch your TV to the same HDMI port using the TV remote control, so you see on screen the Main Menu of the box (i.e. GreekTV247 Box Main Menu).

Connect to internet

  1. Use any network cable (not included) to connect the box to your router. Alternatively, when TV Box is on, go to Settings – WiFi and connect it to your router using WiFi connection. See the three pictures below to locate the WiFi connection settings. You may click on the pictures to enlarge them.
Menu H96 Max
GreekTV247 Box Main Menu
Menu H96 Max Settings
Settings Menu
Menu H96 Max Settings Network
Internet Connection Settings

Navigation on Menu

  • On GreekTV247 Box Main Menu at the bottom line of the screen, you see the installed applications.


  • The YouTube app is the first on the left of your screen and it is customised with subscriptions from all major Greek channels on the platform.
Menu H96 Max
GreekTV247 Box Main Menu

Zaap TV

  • The Zaap TV app provides access to all Greek channels. You open up Zaap TV app (yellow icon at bottom right corner) and you get its Main Menu from where you select all popular Greek TV stations. For full list of all channels click on icon TV Channels. Timeshift gives you the option to watch the main channels with time delay 2,7,10,12 hours. Channel icons having +2, or +7, or +10, or +12 are time delayed channels. Scrolling further to the right enables you to click on View All giving you access to all available channels. Cyprus enables you to switch to Cypriot channels.
  • On Zaap TV Main Menu you may want to click on Favourites (instead of TV Channels) in order to get a short list of all major live Greek channels.
Zaap TV Main Menu
Left Menu Column - Scroll to the left
Timeshift for watching with delay
Channel icons having +2, or +7, or +10, or +12
Delayed channels with + sign
Some channels are stored in favourites

Greek Radio

  • The light blue icon is the Greek Radio app which provides access to all Radio stations from Greece.
Greek Radio app
Greek Radio app

Remote Support

  • Please ignore the application TeamViewer it has been installed only in case remote support is required.

Remote Control

  • You navigate on screen by using the blue round button on your remote control – right, left, up, down – and you select by hitting OK. The round button is located in the middle of the remote control.
  • While watching a channel, you change to another channel by either hitting Return and then OK, or in a circular way, you hit the Up or Down button and you get the next channel in a row. 
  • Every time you click on the Home button, you go to the GreekTV247 Box Main Menu.
  • The Return button works as usual, getting you one step back from where you currently are. For example, if you are watching a channel and you hit Return, you go back to the Channels list. By clicking Return a few times, you will end up at the GreekTV247 Box Main Menu.
  • The volume button is for adjusting the voice. It is recommended to use your TV remote for that.
  • The red power on/off button is for switching off the box. It is recommended to leave the box turned on all the time, unless you are going away for a long time.
  • Finally, the same functionality applies inside the YouTube app, which is loaded with Greek content and works as a video on demand.